Saturday, January 2, 2010

winds ~30mph
temp 30 degrees

47 days til sunset
4 months til last sunset
8.5 months til first sunrise and arrival of Winfly personnel

Take my psych test next week and find out for sure if I'll winter or not!

At station 2- the ARFF station- today. It's a town holiday so there are no flights. Our only duties today are truck checks. The Pegasus shortcut road is closed (~8 miles), and no shuttles are running, so we borrowed a van with big tires and drove ourselves out at 1030 this morning. Tried for a land speed to Pegasus record yesterday.. but we were observed by watchers from LDB and trouble ensued. Being scrutinized very carefully this morning so 25 mph it is, and no faster. Hope to go out and see the old Pegasus crash.
Reading Polar Journeys, spending time online, calculating taxes, eating dim sum from brunch.

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