Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Port Vila, Vanuatu

Vanuatu Parliament- the current scene of much drama

Slit drum

Local market, Port Vila

A traditional house

A traditional house

Adorable little fruit bat that licked our fingers.

Port Vila harbor

Port Vila Pretty harbor is very well protected by lots of shallow reef, islands, and a peninsula.  Cool nights, sunny days- great climate this time year. Lots of yachts stay here long term.   Lots European expats, French influence, and cruise ship people.  It’s a surprisingly pretty town with great infrastructure- a whole different world form the rest of the islands in Vanuatu.  Anchor Inn yacht club and Waterfront Restaurant, Japanese, bakery… Chinese shops on second street in from the water are good.  We show the large, friendly woman at Immigration the preliminary paperwork given to us at Tanna and she exclaims: “Oh lord jesus save us”.  The Vanuatu government is a mess right now- Parliament is opening and closing like a revolving door as the judiciary orders it open and then the Speaker orders it closed cause he doesn’t want to be ordered around by the judiciary. 

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