Monday, September 5, 2011

Lamen Bay, Epi, Vanuatu

A nice place to go to high school

Typical Vanuatu houses


Island apple trees coat the ground with pretty blossoms, then produce a profusion of sweet, juicy, crunchy little crabapple-like fruits

Tidy paths on Lamen Island

A Fijian feast on Lamen Island

Hazy volcanic island in the distance
We leave Port Vila, passing the lighthouse on southern point that hasn’t been working for last 20 yrs cause of land dispute.  Lil swelly once we ot out of lee of Efate, passed a couple ships in dark. 
Lamen Bay is real pretty.  Limestone lining shore.  Village with a big local high school with the world’s best ocean view and beaut basketball court and sports fields along shore.  Students on holiday for 2 weeks.  Super calm day, so we paddle to Lamen Island.  On the way across we see a dugong and lots of tuna.  Very interesting place- tiny lil island, all covered with houses, amazing landscaping- all covered in nice decorative plants, 3’ high stone walls lining all roads, logs with coral stone beds, neat symmetrical thatch houses (unlike in Fiji, almost all the houses in Vanuatu are thatch), nice big concrete church. Got fruit and veg from friendly Kenneth and wife.  Lunch is roast Fiji pig with Fiji traveling minister on Lamen.

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