Friday, September 24, 2010

Buildings of McMurdo Station et al

Above: Big gym and Helo Hanger

Carp Shop

Ballfield Compressed Gas Storage
140 - Post office, central supply
120 and 121 - supply - food, beverage, electrical, etc. Band room.
Dorms and storage
Transantarctic mountains with glaciers flowing off the polar plateau
Dorms and storage
MCM vehicles
Unheated storage
More ballfield
Vehicle Maintenance Facility 143

Waste Barn 185
MCM vehicles
MCM vehicles

Fuel Storage
120 and 121
Dorm 201 - the Firefighter Dorm
Balloon Inflation Tower

Supply warehouses and comms shop

JSOC - the NASA/ internet security/server building
MacOps - weather and field camp communications - sat phones, HF radio, etc
Gerbil Gym - aerobic equipment

Winter Film Festival, Continued

Discordia - Concordia

Daydream - Swoya - Japan GOOD

Eradication - Macquarie - Austraila GOOD

Ride to DDU - Dumont Durville - France

Blazing Skies - Mawson, Australia VERY GOOD!!!

Dancing Doll - Maitri - India

Map Art - KEP - South Georgia

Watchman - Halley - UK

It's The Thought That Counts - MCM


Annie Way But South - Mawson - Australia

South Pole - Smoke and Fire

Sword Saint - South Pole

The NoLight Zone - MCM

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Castaway - South Pole

The Beaten Path - South Pole

Recapture the South Pole - Troll Station-Norway Dronning Maud Land

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Palmer Sounds - Palmer

Big Brother - Scott Base, NZ

Mouthwash - South Pole, USA

Julia - MCM

Proximity - MCM Fire Department

Who's in the Galley - MCM

Catch U Chicken - MCM, by Dan and Karen Simas

Cold One - MCM, by Shayne Dombroski

Fix My Truck - MCM

Magagalinus Kergelensis - Kerguelen- French

Dreamy Mechanic - Maitri Station - India

The Little Things - Mawson, Australia

Monday, September 13, 2010

Eggbert - Halley Base

Saturday, September 11, 2010

2010 Winter Film Festival, Continued

From Rothera With Love, Winner of Best ScreenPlay Award. Rothera UK.

Mission Unmoppable, Winner of Best Use of Elements, From King Edward Point Base, UK

Row, Row, Row - MCM

Today's Wx Forecast

11 September 2010
REGIONAL WEATHER SUMMARY: A bit of fair weather for today with increasing clouds toward evening and snow overnight into tomorrow morning as a low pressure system dips down from the north... Of course, snow tonight means the blow tomorrow with gusty winds returning for Sunday brunch.
11 September
Sky: Cloudy
Visibility (mi): 1/4-2 in snow
Wind (kts): NW-NE 8-16
Min Temp: -31ºC/-24ºF
Min Wind Chill: -47ºC/-53ºF
Sky: Mostly to Partly Cloudy
Visibility (mi): 1-3 in snow becoming 1/4-1 in blowing snow by mid morning
Wind (kts): NE-E 10-20 becoming 14-30 by mid morning
Max Temp: -26ºC/-15ºF
Min Wind Chill: -46ºC/-51ºF
12 September
SCOTT BASE 24-HR TEMPERATURE High: -34ºC/-29ºF Low: -42ºC/-44ºF
Sunrise: 0804L
Sunset: 1739L
Maximum Temperature: -26ºC/-15ºF Minimum Temperature: -30C/-22ºF
Peak Wind: 44 knots Lowest Wind Chill: -55ºC/-67ºF
Forecaster: Mike/Christine
Sky: Partly to Mostly Cloudy
Visibility (mi): Unrestricted
Wind (kts): NE-E 7-18 becoming NW 6-15 afternoon
Max Temp: -27ºC/-17ºF
Min Wind Chill: -44ºC/-47ºF

Friday, September 3, 2010

How Antarctica’s Scientists Chill Out: With a Rugby Match on the Ice

from Discovery website:

(a few of our firefighters played in this game, including two who defected to the Kiwi side).

New Zealand’s dark uniforms have earned their national rugby team the moniker “All Blacks.” But here in frosty Antarctica, the Scott Base players prefer to call themselves the “Ice Blacks.”
Like the national team, the Ice Blacks begin the match with a traditional posture dance known as the “haka.” In a staggered formation near the middle of the field, the players slap their thighs and pound their chests, yelling wildly in the native tongue of the Maori, the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand.
The haka is loud and impressive, but while it is meant to intimidate, today’s haka seems to have the opposite effect on the Americans.
“I’ve been pumped for this for months,” says Leard, a 29-year-old carpenter from Waltham, Massachusetts. “It’s cool to have the haka done to you.”
Preparation for the match began months earlier, when McMurdo’s summer shift began to arrive near the end of August. Days in Antarctica are a little unusual. The sun never sets in the warmer months—which last from September to February in the southern hemisphere—and the entire continent is plunged in darkness in winter, which prevents flights to and from the ice.
Rugby practice for the Americans began in mid-October, with weekly Sunday drills. “Half our guys didn’t know how to play the game,” Leard says. “They’re used to high school football, used to forward passes, which aren’t allowed in rugby.”
Legend holds that the New Zealanders are so highly skilled that they don’t need to practice in advance of the match. But in recent years, the Americans have managed to put some points on the board by scoring a few “penalty goals”—free kicks worth three points each—motivating the New Zealand team to prepare just a little.
“Anything worse than a blanking is an embarrassment,” says Albert Weethling, a 49-year-old water engineer who is New Zealand’s captain. “We’ve done very well historically.”

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Winter 2010 Pictures

Some of the winter's loveliest aurora pics- (brazenly looted from Fleet Ops Loui's IDrive postings. Thank you, Louis) et al